The Iowa Medicaid program is a federal-state partnership intended to be a safety net for our state’s most vulnerable: people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities, adults with serious or persistent mental illness, children in low income families who do not have access to private healthcare, elderly people, and pregnant women.

In April 2016, the governor unilaterally privatized the management of Iowa’s Medicaid system. Since that time, the system has plunged into chaos harming Iowans who are most in need.

The failure of Medicaid privatization in Iowa must be fixed. The legislature and the governor must take action and put the health and welfare of Iowa’s most vulnerable first. Cost effectiveness is important but should never be the deciding factor of whether to provide necessary healthcare services for patients, or not.

If the state remains with the private HMO provider(s), real oversight and accountability must be put in place to ensure healthcare services prescribed by a physician or other healthcare professional are approved and payment to providers is timely.